Miss Jodie Smith

i have an irrational fear of zombies .

“Let go, or be dragged.”

—   Zen Proverb (via scarlettheroin)

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summer essentials: 

flowing dresses of soft fabric that give me the appearance of floating past you.

dance like no one’s watching. because no one is watching, everyone is looking at their phone. 🎥 by Kyle Edward Blackmon #lifeinmyapartment #gottobeme #slyandthefamilystone #jodiesmith

“I’m a witch woman; high on tobacco and holy water. I’m a woman delighted with her disasters. They give me something to do. A profession of sorts. I have the magic of words.”

—   Sandra Cisneros (via weaverofstars)

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current mood.

current mood.

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Hunger of the Pine

“a love story has to implicitly include a definition of love.”

—   Brian Hinshaw

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